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General Guidelines



As an affirmation of the Cebuanos cultural identity and religiosity, the Sinulog 2024 shall again bring to life the color, pageantry, tradition and essence of giving homage to Senor Sto. Nino.

General Guidelines

1. The competition is open to all and shall highlight again the theme “One Beat, One Dance, One Vision”.
2. Registrations start on December 1, 2023 and shall end on December 15, 2023.
3. In order to qualify as a valid contest category, the total entry shall reach ten (10) competitors. Should there be less than ten (10) registered competitors; the contest category shall be deemed “No Contest”. Cash prizes and trophies shall revert back to the Foundation.
4. The composition of the contingent shall be within the minimum of sixty (60) and a maximum of One Hundred (100) dancers. An excess of one or two dancers shall merit a 3-point deduction from the total score of each judge.
5. A minimum of fifty (50) and a maximum of one hundred (100) instrumentalists shall accompany the dancers. A minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) for the choir. As part of the contingent, they must be in proper attire consistent to their theme. **
6. One support vehicle shall be allowed per contingent/float. Support staff for each contingent/float shall be limited to twenty-five (25).
7. All hand props shall be carried by the dancers all throughout the parade route.
8. Backdrops shall be within the 10-12 feet height and 35-40 meters width. These shall be allowed on stage however no contingent shall leave props, backdrops, etc. at the back of the stage and premises of the South Road Property. Violation of this guideline will merit twenty (20) points deduction from the total score.
9. The use of wheels in the street and stage shall be allowed however guideline No. 8 will still be followed.
10. Appropriate footwear consistent to the theme / motif shall be used by all the participants.
11. Live musical or percussion accompaniment must be used. Canned / taped music is not allowed
12. Music from instruments such as electronic guitars, piano, organ, electronic drum sets, and all other electronic instruments are allowed as long as they can set up within the given time.
13. Using of Live Animals is Not Allowed.
14. Contingents shall be accommodated at designated public schools. Accommodation starts on Thursday, January 18, 2024. Contingents shall bring their own sleeping gears. For reservation, kindly contact Sinulog Office at 2388634.
15. Local transportation shall be provided however boat / bus fare and meals shall be shouldered by the contingent.
16. All major prize winners in the Grand Parade contest categories are obliged as a condition precedent to perform during the awarding ceremonies on Monday, January 22, 2024 at 1:00 P.M., South Road Property.
17. The decision of the Sinulog Board of Judges in any contest category shall be final and unappealable. Questions or clarifications will not be entertained after the announcement of winners.
18. Absolutely, no participant or contingent’s representative shall contact in any way or manner any judge before and after the competition.
19. In order to preserve the non-political, democratic, and ecumenical objectives of Sinulog, participants are prohibited from exhibiting or manifesting acts or gestures offensive to any aggrupation or groups and movements. In the event of any violation of this rule, the Committee reserves the right to disallow the offending contingent to continue further its participation in the parade.
20. To avoid public disturbance during the parade, spectators are urged from indulging in excessive drinking of alcoholic drinks that may cause them to molest parade participants and spectators. Violators shall be dealt with by the members of the Cebu Police Department and Barangay
Tanods in the parade route.
21. Merry- makers during the parade are prohibited from smudging and wiping with facial make-up or black substance or the like. This act will cause fights and / or street brawls that may scare our devotees as well as local and foreign tourist. Violators shall be dealt by the Cebu Police
Department and Barangay Tanods in the parade route.
22. As host, the Cebu City Government will perform as guest contingent and will head the parade. Other guest contingents will follow thereafter however they must register to ensure their places in the parade route. All guest contingents shall follow strictly set guidelines particularly the time allotment of five (5) minutes.
23. Head of the contingents shall submit the lists of dancers, instrumentalists and support staff to the Secretariat Office for insurance requirements.
24. Cleanliness is a MUST in all living quarters and the surrounding environment. Garbage must be properly disposed in TRASH BAGS. The Sinulog Foundation, Inc. will make rounds to ensure that cleanliness and sanitation are properly implemented.
25. Contingents must deposit their set props at their respective designated areas on Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 9:00 p.m.
____________________________________________. Cut-off for the positioning of set props is at 4:00 a.m. of January 21, 2024 (Sinulog Day). Violation of this provision will earn the erring contingent a 5-point deduction. Mr. __________________, Sinulog In-Charge for set props contingents are enjoined to coordinate with him.
26. For float participants, throwing of merchandise items during the parade is not allowed. Violating of this rule will be dealt with accordingly and will be removed from the parade, and automatic disqualification of the contest and in the future Sinulog celebration.
27. All contingents are required to provide their own medical team during their practices / rehearsals during the Grand Parade.
28. Contingents are required to observe cleanliness and proper disposal of garbage.
29. No Smoking / No Drinking of any alcoholic beverages must be observed.